Managing Your Media Library

STEP 1: Click on the Media item in the Navigation Bar

You will be taken to the Media section. Employers have the ability to upload various media items to their account that they can share with others. The Media section allows you to upload media, remove media, and preview media you have uploaded. 

STEP 2: Add a New Media File

In the Add Media section, click on the browse button to add a new media file to your library. The Add Media section opens a file uploader where you can select any piece of media and add it to your Magnet account.

STEP 3: In the Add Link section, type in a link and click the Add button

The link will appear under the “My Media” section. This option is designed specifically for adding a website link to your account. Links can be entered in any format. 

STEP 4: Note the My Media section

The My Media section displays a list of media items that have been uploaded to your account. You can view the media by clicking on the file name, and you can remove the item from your account by clicking the x button next to the item. All items shown here will be accessible in any areas of the account that allow sharing of media.

STEP 5: Click on one of the media items in the list.

Any uploaded media item that is clicked on or searched for via the search bar at the top of the page will be displayed in the preview section. Image files will display the picture, while PDF items will display the first page of the PDF with options to view all the pages in the file. Other media items will not display a preview image. In this section, you will have the option to download the file. You can also edit the name and description of the file as it exists in their Magnet account. In order for these changes to take effect, the user must click a Save button located at the bottom of the preview section. 

STEP 6: Attach Media

Navigate to the Job Postings section, and select an existing Professional/Experienced posting (or create a new one).  On the general edit screen, click on the Attach Media icon (paperclip). Media uploaded through the Media section can be shared with others either by attaching it to postings, or in the Shared Media section in View Applicants. 

STEP 7: Add a new piece of media from the attach media pop up, then return to the Media section of the account.

Notice that the media you added in the Posting is also recorded in the Media section. You can upload media to your account through other areas of the site in addition to the Media page.