Adding Media Attachments

Step 1: In the Profile, go to any record that has a paper clip icon under the edit button. This is the Attach Media button. 

In the Profile, certain records have the ability to add media files to the records. These records include the Basic Profile, Education, and Work Experience. You can add links, images, and documents to any records featuring the Add Media button. Attaching media allows you to demonstrate your work with concrete examples, such as a website, portfolio images, or samples of your writing. 

Step 2: Click on the Attach Media or Attach Link button. 

A media selection pop up will appear: 

  • To attach a media item to your record, click on the Attach Media or Attach Link buttons. Once uploaded, the media item will automatically be attached to your record, and a preview of the item will appear at the bottom of the record.
  • Any media items added from this pop up will also appear in the Media section of your account. From there you can further manage your Media library, such as renaming or deleting files. 
  • Once an item has been attached to a record, you can remove it either by clicking on the Attach Media button again, and clicking on the X next to the name of the item, or you can click on the X above the preview image in the record.