Viewing and Managing Applicants

To view the individuals that have applied to your posting, simply locate a posting on the Job Posting list that has applicants. You can see which postings have applicants by looking at the “Applicants” column.

Once you have selected a posting, click on the “View Applicants” button located in the top right corner of the screen. You will then be taken to the Applicant list.

Posting Information:

In the top left corner of the screen is a section showing information about the posting to which the applicants applied, such as the job title, file ID, posting status (Active, Suspended, etc.) and recruitment status. The search bar and Actions button are also found in this section.

Recruitment Status: 

Recruitment status is also displayed in this section, directly beneath the Posting Status. Recruitment Status refers to whether someone has been hired to fill the position. There are three possible states:

  1. Open – indicates the hiring process is in progress.
  2. Hired – indicates someone has been found to fill the position.
  3. Cancelled – indicates the posting is no longer open and no one has been found to fill it.

The Recruitment Status can be changed in one of two ways; either by clicking on the current recruitment status, or by opening the Posting notes. When the Recruitment Status is changed, a note indicating the change is added to the Posting Notes section.

Posting Notes:

Add or edit notes is a feature that allows you to add in-system notes that are tied to the posting itself. By clicking on the “View Notes” link located in the top right-hand corner of the Posting Information section, a pop up will appear that will allow you to change the posting’s Recruitment Status, see all previously recorded notes, add new notes, and export the notes to a CSV file.

Notes can be edited at any time. While all users of your account can view notes created by anyone, each individual user can only edit notes they themselves created. Notes can also be deleted.

When the Recruitment Status is changed, a note will be added to the list confirming the change. This note cannot be edited or deleted by any account member.

Export to CSV: 

Directly beside the Add / Edit Notes button, there is another link called “Export CSV”. Clicking this link will automatically create and download a CSV file of all information currently visible on the page to your browser. This includes the information displayed in the Posting Information section, and the information displayed in each individual applicant’s row. The CSV file will not include posting, applicant notes or any data from applicant’s resumé.

Applicant List Filter Options: 

You can filter your applicant list and control the displayed information by clicking on the Columns and Filter button.

The Columns button allows you to show and hide columns in the applicant list table. This will help you reduce the information down to only that which you are most interested in and that is most useful to you.

The Filters button allows you to display only applicants that meet certain criteria, including:

  • Sent to hiring manager
  • Interviewed
  • Hired
  • Turned Down Offer
  • Diversity Employment Candidates (only displays if there are diversity employment applicants).

Job Applicant List:

A row will appear for everyone who applied to the posting.

Applicant Status:

Applied means the applicant has applied to the job but has not been contacted through the system by the employer using the “Communicate” button. The status transitions from “Applied” to “Contacted” when the applicant has been contacted within the system by the employer. . Contacting the applicant sends the applicant a notification that the employer has an interest in their application and opens a communications panel through which the applicant and the employer can exchange in-system messages.

An applicant with the “Withdrew” status means they have withdrawn their application, and their information is no longer available for you to view.

Applications expire 90 days after the date of application if the employer has not opted to contact the individual in system. Applicants in this state will have an Expired status, and you will not be able to view any of their information.

Employer Actions Menu Interaction: 

The Actions menu in the Posting Information section allows you to mark applicants with certain designations to assist in organizing the applicant list and keeping track of steps in the hiring process.

Checking a check box next to an applicant will activate the actions menu. From there, you can mark an individual with one or more of the following designations:

  • Sent to Hiring Manager
  • Interviewed
  • Hired
  • Turned Down Offer

These actions will be applied to all applicants you currently have selected. Each time you add an icon to an individual, the action is tracked via the applicant notes with the addition of a note describing the action taken. These notes cannot be edited or removed.

The Applicant Shortlist:

From the applicant list, you can create and share an Applicant Shortlist – a select list of applicants.

Checking the box next to an applicant’s name will activate the Actions menu. From the Actions menu select “Share Applicant Shortlist” to add selected applicants to the shortlist.

Enter the email address you want to send the applicant shortlist to and a personalized message for the recipient. Only one email address may be entered. Links to an applicant shortlist remain valid for 60 days, after which the links will expire.

Viewing an Applicant Shortlist:

A link to view the Applicant Shortlist will appear within the Applicant Shortlist email. Clicking on this link will open a new tab in the recipient’s browser displaying the Applicant Shortlist.

The Applicant Shortlist is essentially a tailored Applicants list that only includes the individuals you selected. From the Applicant Shortlist, the recipient can review the individual’s Magnet profile and preview the job posting. For Fit-Based candidates, their application will consist of their basic profile.

Candidates with pre-existing Magnet profiles that also took the assessment and were invited to these jobs based on their fit scores will appear with enhanced profiles that may include educational and/or work experience credentials.

Notes and notations such as “Sent to Hiring Manager”, “Interviewed”, “Hired”, “Turned Down Offer” used for recruitment and hiring purposes inside the system plus any diversity employment designations are not displayed in the Applicant Shortlist.

Applicant Notes:

You can keep a separate set of notes for each individual applicant. To do so, click on the “Notes” link in an individual’s row. This will open the notes pop up where you can mark the candidate using the designations described above. Add, view or edit notes for the individual, and export the individual’s notes to a CSV file.

While all members of your account can see anyone’s notes,  individual members can only edit or delete notes that they created.

Viewing Applicants:

The top of the page displays the individual’s Magnet Profile, the Job Posting to which the job seeker applied to, and the Communication field where any communications in system between the individual and employer is located.


Only actionable after you click the Communicate button, the Communicate section is a one-to-one chat with the user. Note that the chat is not instant, and so the user must refresh the page to see new messages.