Complete the Basic Profile

Step 1: Click on the Edit icon in the first section, the Basic Profile.

Many of the fields presented in the Basic Profile were filled in during the Onboarding Process. 

Step 2: Add a Profile Picture.

You can add a Profile Picture to your Profile by clicking on the folder icon directly beneath the default image. This will open your computer’s file selector, where you can select an image. We recommend you select a professional-looking picture of yourself, as opposed to an icon or a more casual picture. 

Step 3: Check your First and Last Name for spelling.

This information was already gathered during Onboarding, but take the time to ensure that your name is spelled correctly. We recommend you use your full name, instead of a nickname or short form.

Step 4: Check that your email address is correct.

The onboarding process automatically fills in this field with the email address you used to make your Magnet account. We recommend that you change this field to a more professional email address. This field does not influence what email you use to login to the system, and your login email will never be shared with anyone without your consent.

Step 5: Enter your Location

Note that most of the information in the Location section was answered during Onboarding.

Step 6: Add additional countries of Work Eligibility and/or Languages.

The final two fields in the Basic Profile are Work Eligibility (Required) and Languages (Required). These fields were completed during Onboarding, but you can add additional entries if applicable.

Step 7: Click Save.

You will be returned to the general edit screen of your Profile, where you can see the changes you made to the Basic Profile section.