Steps for Success on Magnet

The following simple steps are designed to help you make the most of your Magnet account and hire talent quickly and efficiently, while also learning how to grow and diversify your business.

Complete the Onboarding Process

Here you can capture basic details about your company which will be used to match your profile to information about finding talent, expanding your markets, and funding opportunities.

Complete Your Organization Profile

Your Organization Profile will be displayed as a part of any job postings you create and provides an opportunity to showcase the value you bring to the marketplace. In addition, the more information you provide, the more tailored content you’ll receive.

Explore the My Communities Section

Learn more about Magnet’s partners and projects here. Find out what they can offer you.

Upload Media to Help Promote Your Business

By uploading media to your account, you can better showcase your organization to jobs seekers and potential candidates.

Create and Activate a Job Posting

Our matching algorithm will use your education and work experience criteria to invite job seekers to apply. Use the number of matches to gauge whether you need to narrow or expand your search criteria. You can also target your posting to a specific audience using the Communities filter.

Looking for diverse candidates? Add a Diversity Filter to your posting to invite individuals who have self-declared, as belonging to a Diversity Employment Group, to apply to your posting.

Check for Applicants

By default, you will receive an email notification (up to once a day) informing you of any new applications you have received on Magnet. Make sure you log in and check your homepage for new notifications and check your postings for new applicants.

To review applicants, simply select your posting from the Job Postings menu, then click on the number next to the View Applicants button located in the right-hand corner of the screen. This number indicates the number of viewable applications.

Record Notes and Update Applicant and Job Posting Recruitment Status

From the View Applicants page, you can record notes both for the posting itself and for each individual applicant. Simply click the (Add/Edit) Notes buttons located either at the top of the page (for posting notes) or next to each applicant to view and record notes.

In addition, you can record the Interview Status for each applicant. Simply click on the check box for the applicant whose status you want to change, then click on the Actions menu. You can choose to Mark an applicant as Awaiting Review, Sent to Hiring Manager, Reviewed, Interviewed, Hired, Turned Down Offer, Contacting, Rejected, Under Consideration, Read, or Unread.

All of these notes will only be visible to you and other users within your Employer account – not to the applicants.