Lumina Assessment | How to Post a “Fit-Based” Job

To post a “Fit-Based” Job click on “Job Postings” in the App Drawer, then click on the “Create a New Posting” button.

This will bring up a posting type selection screen with four options: 

  1. Select the Fit-Based Search option, also labeled “ALiGN NETWORK FIT-BASED” on the far left.
  2. You will be presented with a form for Fit-Based Job postings.
  3. You will have the option to change the employer name if you are posting a job on behalf of an employer.
  4. Complete the Job Title, Job Description and remaining fields as you would for any other posting.

The following two fields are specific to Fit-Based postings:

  1. Job Family | Individuals who have completed their Lumina assessment and have a Fit Score of either High or Medium for the Job Family selected, will be invited to apply to the job.
  2. Additional Requirements | The additional requirements you select from the pick list will be displayed on the job posting. No matching is done based on these requirements however, applicants will have the opportunity to see the requirements and decide whether they qualify for the position or wish to proceed with applying to the job.

Complete the remaining fields on the form and click “Continue”.

Note: Unpaid internship positions are not permitted and will not be activated on the Magnet system. Our Support Team will contact you directly to advise and provide guidance on how to proceed. You can contact support should you have any questions at