Student Job Postings | Guide to Outcome Campus Connect

This following information is intended to provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions on posting student work-integrated learning job opportunities on Magnet via Outcome Campus Connect.    

Created through a partnership of Magnet and Orbis Communications, Outcome Campus Connect is Canada’s largest online campus recruiting platform. Outcome Campus Connect sends job posting directly to campus job boards with one click, making it easy and efficient to find and hire student talent.

With a focus on matching employers and students with the right experiential learning opportunities, Outcome Campus Connect makes it possible for employers to reach over 1,000,000 students accounts from post-secondary schools across Canada with one job posting.

To simplify the hiring process, Magnet and Orbis Communications have created a comprehensive posting creation tool that will help you ensure that the right candidates get access to your opportunity.

The Outcome Campus Connect Advantage

Outcome Campus Connect on Magnet allows employers to post job opportunities to over 85 post-secondary school job boards across the nation, streamlining the process when looking to hire a student.  

Rather than creating and managing multiple accounts across each post-secondary school’s job board to get your posting seen, Outcome Campus Connect allows you, from one account, to make one posting and send it to as many or as few post-secondary schools as needed, in addition to the reach of the Magnet Network itself.

If you are already a Magnet member, you can use your existing account credentials to log into any Campus Connect-enabled landing page. Skip to the Creating a Posting Through Outcome Campus Connect section for detailed information about how to make a posting.  

If you are new to Magnet, follow the steps described in the next section, Creating Your Magnet Account.


What is work-integrated learning (WIL)?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) refers to the practice of providing students in post-secondary programs with access to work opportunities that integrate real world, practical experience from an employer with the foundational background and knowledge provided by educational institutions.

The following position types can be considered Work Integrated Learning Opportunities:

  • Co-operative Education
  • Summer Job
  • Part Time
  • Volunteer
  • Internship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Service Learning
  • Applied Research Project
  • Mandatory Professional Practicum / Clinical Placement
  • Field Placement
  • Work Experience


To create a posting using Outcome Campus Connect, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Log into your Magnet account

STEP 2: Select Job Postings from the App Drawer

The App Drawer is the symbol on the Top Right corner of the page when you log into Magnet. You will be able to select Job Postings from the list of options that appear when you click on the App Drawer.

STEP 3: Click on Create New Posting

In the Job Posting Page, click on Create a New Posting. You will be brought to the posting type selection screen.

STEP 4: Click on the Students and Recent Graduates option

There are three types of postings options on Magnet: Student & Recent Graduate, Professional & Skilled Workers, and Anyone. Each type is intended to help you target different types of job seekers.

Select Student & Recent Graduates.

STEP 5: Select Current Students

You will be directed to a second selection page where you can select if you wish to create a job posting for a Current Student or a Recent Graduate and General Student. The Current Student option will feature the Outcome Campus Connect logo.

Select the Current Student option to be automatically redirected to the Outcome Campus Connect website in a new browser tab.

STEP 6: Authorize Orbis Communications to use your Magnet email and password

In order to provide you with the most seamless experience, Magnet and Orbis Communications have developed a single sign-on agreement to allow you to use your existing Magnet credentials to access the Outcome Campus Connect website.  To continue, you must agree to allow Magnet to share your information with Orbis Communication, thereby creating an account for you on their website.

By agreeing to share your information,  you will be automatically logged in using your Magnet credentials when you create new WIL opportunities or access the Outcome Campus Connect website in the future.

Once you have agreed, you will be brought directly to your Dashboard on Outcome Campus Connect, with a prompt to get started creating your first WIL opportunity.


Click Post New button to get started. You will be re-directed to the Opportunity Wizard tool, where you will be asked a series of questions about the role and the organization. 

Experience Type

The first step will require you to specify the type of opportunity you are offering. For each option, you can click on the arrow button to see a description of the experience type. Only one experience type can be selected per posting. As you move through the Wizard, the number of schools your posting can be sent to will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Not all schools offer programs that pair well with each experience type. As you move through the Wizard, the number of schools being targeted will change as you provide more information about your posting.

Keep in mind that hitting the largest number of schools is not the ideal goal – instead, Magnet and Orbis Communications aim to ensure that you get the best response rate and the most qualified candidates by only posting your opportunity at schools that have students who would be the most suitable to your position. 

Once you have made your selection, click Next at the bottom of the page.

Academic Programs

Depending on your posting, you may prefer to hire students from specific academic backgrounds. For example, if you’re offering a position in a financial role, you would likely prefer to hire students with a background in Business, Finance, Management & Administration.

When you check the box next to the category of your choice, a drop-down menu will appear listing each individual program under that category. By default, all programs in the selected category will be turned on. Should you wish to remove any programs, simply click on the toggle next to it to remove it from your selections.

Note that at any time you can return to a previous step by clicking on the Previous button at the bottom of the page, or clicking on the step name using the side navigation bar.

Selected Terms

The next step will require you to select the Academic Term you wish to hire for – Winter, Summer or Fall. The dates for each term will also be included here. For example, If you wish to hire a student to start in May, then you would select the Summer Term.

Targeted Schools

Based on your Experience Type and Academic Programs selections, the number of available schools that you can send your posting to will change. You can browse through the list to see what schools your posting can target, or you can use the search bar at the bottom of the panel to search for a particular school. If you do not see a certain school on the list, it likely means that that school does not offer a program that matches the criteria applied in the previous steps.

As with the programs list, you can choose to manually remove any schools from this list by simply clicking on the toggle next to the school’s name. Should you wish to expand your opportunity to additional schools, please return to either of the previous two steps and broaden or change your selections.

When you are satisfied with the schools list, click on the Next button to continue.

Open Network

If you would like your job posting to be shared on Outcome Campus Connect’s open network you can select this option. The open network includes post-secondary students and recent graduates using Outcome Campus Connect even though their institution is not yet on the network. Promoting your opportunity here means you reach even more post-secondary students and recent graduates.

If you do not want the opportunity to be advertised to these students, simply uncheck the box.


The next section, Opportunity Details, asks you to provide information about the position you are hiring for.

Opportunity Language (Required)

First you will be asked to specify the language your posting will appear in. Postings can appear in English, French, or both English and French. Selecting the English and French option will open additional text boxes for you to provide both the English and French version of text, where applicable.

Deadline Date (Required)

Select the date and time on which you would like your opportunity to be taken down and stop receiving applications. Clicking in the field will bring up the calendar widget, and selecting both a date and time will automatically close it.

Organization (Required)

This is the name of your company as you entered it on the Magnet site. This field cannot be edited. Should you wish to change this name, please contact Magnet’s support representatives at

Your Internal Tracking Number

If you use an applicant tracking system or other external system for recording your hiring activities, you can enter an ID number here to help you keep your records in sync. Any information entered in this field will only be visible to you, and not to applicants. . This field is not required, so if you do not have an applicant tracking system, you may leave this blank. 

Name of Position (Required)

The name of the position you are hiring for.

Job Location Requirement

There are three options available to specify the job location – Onsite, Remote, or Temporarily Remote. Select the option that best describes the position you are hiring for.

Number of Positions (Required)

The total number of individuals you are looking to hire for this position.

Salary Amount (Required)

The dollar amount you expect to pay for this position.  You will specify the rate of pay in the next question. Please note that unpaid positions will not be accepted, unless they are volunteer opportunities from registered not-for-profit organizations.

Salary Payment Frequency (Required)

Select from Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annually.

Hours Per Week (Required)

Enter the number of hours per week the candidate would be expected to work.

Address Lookup (Required)

You can optionally enter the address of the place of work for your position in the “Address Lookup” field.  This will automatically pull information on the address and use it to fill out the form standard location fields. You can also choose to skip this field and manually fill out the information, such as Address, Postal Code, and City yourself.

Job Description (Required)

Provide a detailed description of the position, including roles and responsibilities of the new hire. You can either copy and paste the information into the field from an existing document or website, or enter it manually.

Qualifications (Required)

Describe the criteria a candidate must meet in order to be considered for this position, such as educational background and previous work experience.

Skills / Highlights (Required)

Use this section to record any particular skills a candidate should have experience in, and anything else that would make an applicant stand out.

Application Instructions

If you have any specific requirements for applying, you can provide those details here. For example, you may require applicants to submit a cover letter that addresses certain questions, or provide a copy of their transcripts along with their resume.

Preferred Response (Required)

Select whether you would prefer to receive applicants via your organization’s website or an email address. If you select email, the email address you used to create your Magnet account will automatically be populated, but you can choose to change this email address here if needed. Once you have filled out all of the required information, click “Next” to move to the next step.


The fifth step in the Wizard asks you to provide information you and your organization. All postings created through Outcome Campus Connect will be reviewed by support representatives before they are distributed to targeted schools. During this review process, organizations are reviewed to ensure they are legitimate, and the postings itself are checked to ensure they meet our terms of use. In addition, some schools have their own review procedures before postings can be approved for their job boards.

This information provided here may be used to contact you should our support representatives or representatives from targeted schools have any questions about your posting or your organization.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Your Job Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

You can optionally provide a link to your organization’s website.

Note that none of the information provided here will be visible to applicants – it will only be used by system administrators and support representatives from Magnet or targeted schools, and only if needed to confirm any details about your company or posting.


On the Additional Options page, you can choose to highlight your opportunity among specific diversity groups. Making any selections on this page will not restrict your posting to only those groups, but instead provide an opportunity for your posting to be seen by individuals who identify with one or more of these groups.

Your options include:

  • First-year Students
  • Indigenous Students
  • Newcomers to Canada (within 5 years)
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Women in STEM

Click Next when you are ready to continue.


This step offers you the option to apply for funding programs that are currently open. Note that you are not guaranteed to receive funding, or even be eligible to apply to a program, just because it is displayed here. This page is simply meant to provide information about programs that are available that may be of interest to you.


The final step is to review all the information you have provided thus far. If you notice anything that is incorrect, or you would like to make any changes, simply click on the appropriate step in the side navigation bar to edit your information. Once you are satisfied with your posting, click Finish.


Upon clicking Finish in your posting, you will be returned to your Outcome Campus Connect dashboard, where you will be able to monitor your postings activity. Make sure to check back frequently to see how your postings are doing in terms of approval rate, views, clicks throughs, and applications. You can now continue making additional postings, or, if you’re finished for the time being, you can either return to Magnet by clicking on the Back to Magnet button at the top of the page, or log out of your account.Thank you for using Outcome Campus Connect.  We look forward to serving you and your hiring needs!