Adding an Education Record

Step 1: Add a new Education record.

From the general edit screen in the Profile, add a new Education record to the Profile by clicking on Add an Education Record or Add Another Education Record depending on if you had an education record created by the resume upload. You’ll be brought into the education record form. If you do not have any Education to add, skip this step.

Step 2: Select from the Education Level drop-down menu.

The item you choose from the education level list determines the fields you will be asked to fill out in the form. For example, you will be asked to fill in different information for a Degree than you would for a High school record. The remainder of this section was written as though you selected one of the Degree options at this point as an example of how to complete an education record.

Step 3: Enter the name of the Degree.

This is a free type field where you can type the full name of your degree. Ex. “Honours Bachelor of Science.” 

Step 4: Enter the subject area(s) you studied.

In system taxonomy, Faculty refers to the general program you were enrolled in, such as Business, Science, Art, etc. “Program” refers to the specific area of study under the Faculty, such as Psychology, English, Mathematics, etc. 

Step 5: Enter your School’s Name.

The school name field is free type, allowing you to enter any text you like. You will also be presented with some suggestions depending on the text you enter. 

Step 6: Enter your current Year of Study.

The year of study you are currently in. If you have completed these studies, you can select “Graduate”. If this a record for education you began but did not finish, please select the last year of study you attended. 

Step 7: Enter your Period of Attendance.

The starting and ending dates of the program. If you are currently attending the program, you can select the “I am currently a student” check box located beneath the end date. 

Step 8: Save the form to add the record to your Profile.

You will be returned to the general edit page of the Profile. Education records will be ordered from most recent to oldest, with those marked as “Current” at the top.