Understanding the Home Page

The Home Page is the main hub of information in your account and helps you see at a glance how much and what kind of activity is happening, including job invites and community messages.

My Messages and Invites (aka The Network Feed) (centre column)

The network feed contains a reverse chronological (newest on top) list of notifications including job invites, targeted messages and event notifications, New Feature updates, Magnet Network Update, and Account Notifications.

Blocking, Hiding, and Reporting Messages

For any message in the Network Feed, you have the option to Block or Hide messages from specific senders, or Report notifications. You can access this feature by clicking on the drop-down icon located on the top right of each notification in the Feed.


Hiding messages will prevent notifications of messages or job invites received from the sender from appearing in your Network Feed. You will, however, continue to receive job invitations and community messages from the sender in other sections of your account. You can also choose to hide specific messages, rather than all of the messages from a sender. Note that once you hide a message, you will not have an option to bring that message back.


In addition to removing notifications from the Network Feed, Blocking a sender will also stop any community messages or job invites from the sender from reaching you. You will no longer see new community messages or job invites from the sender in other sections of your account. Note that previously received messages and job invites will remain visible in your Communications section. Should you ever wish to undo a Hide or Block action, you can do so by going to the Settings section of your account, and clicking on the Preferences tab.


Reporting a message allows you notify WhoPlusYou Administrators of content that is not appropriate to the site. Clicking on Report will open a menu where you can describe why you are reporting the message. The options provided include:

  • Spam 
  • Inappropriate, abusive or offensive content 
  • Content is not relevant to the purpose of this site 
  • Advertising 
  • Other 

Selecting “other” will bring up a free type data entry field where you can specify in your own words why you reported the item if none of the other options are adequate.

Diversity Self-Declaration Notification

If you are located in Canada, or eligible to work in Canada, you will notice a blue notification at the top of your Home Page that appears as soon as you have finished the onboarding process. This notification requests that you enter a Diversity Self-Declaration.

Magnet is devoted to assisting those who face barriers to employment find meaningful employment. In order to do this, we ask each Job Seeker to tell us if they belong to any of the Diversity Employment Groups, including Indigenous Peoples, Persons with Disabilities, Women, Newcomers to Canada, LGBTQ*, and Members of a Visible Minority. By answering this question, we can ensure that you receive the most valuable and relevant information and opportunities.

If you belong to one of these groups and wish to declare, click Continue. You will be redirected to the Self-Declaration tab of the Settings sections where you can select the group(s) you identify with.

If you do not belong to any of the Diversity Groups, or you do not wish to declare as belonging to a group, click No. Your Self-Declaration will be set to None or Prefer Not to Declare. Please note that this notification will persist unless an answer has been given.

You can always return to the Self-Declaration section and edit your answer through the Settings sections of your account. Regardless of your choice, the information contained in your Self-Declaration section will never be made visible to anyone without your consent.

The Notifications Panel (top left column)

At the upper left of your Home Page is the notifications section. This section displays the number of invitations you have not yet viewed in the Communications section. The number of unread postings contained in each folder will be displayed next to the related folder in brackets only when there are unread notifications present. If all notifications have been viewed, no number will be displayed. 

The Profile Completion Status Panel

The Profile Completion Status Panel only appears when the you have remaining Recommended fields left to fill out in your Resume. Recommended fields in Education and Work Experience records are used for matching. Any records that are missing their Recommended fields will not be considered by the system when it finds matches for you.

Magnet in Social Media

The right column of the home page displays the “Magnet in Social Media” section – a news feed containing Twitter and Facebook posts from the Magnet Network. 

Some Partners may have their own Twitter feed displayed in this column as well. If so, their feed will appear on top of Magnet’s when you sign in to your account through that Partner’s landing page.

The Additional Opportunities Panel

The Additional Opportunities Panel will appear beneath the Notifications Panel of the Home Page once you have set your Opportunities Preferences in your Profile and have started receiving job invitations.

This panel will display any job postings that match your qualifications, but not your Opportunities Preferences. For example, if you set your preferences to only receive Full Time jobs, but a Part Time job was found to match your Education and/or Work Experience records, that posting will be displayed here.

This panel is useful for helping you determine if your preferences are set appropriately for the kinds of positions you are looking for. You may decide to change your preferences based on the opportunities listed here. For example, you may notice there are a number of positions in the Education field that interest you in this section, as you may not have previously thought to look for jobs in Education before. You can then add Education to your Preferences.