About Your Magnet Profile

Your Magnet Profile is used to match you to job opportunities and help direct relevant community messages to you. The more information you provide here, the better the matches you get will be.

The information you provided during Onboarding will already be filled out. Note that your Profile and all the information contained within will not be made visible to anyone.

If you did a Resume Upload during Onboarding, you may notice multiple records were added to your Profile. Please make sure you check each of these records for accuracy. As you edit and add to your profile, you will notice some fields are marked as either Required or Recommended.

Required fields are found in the Basic Profile section. These fields, such as your Name and Email address, must be filled in and cannot be saved while empty.

Some fields in the Education, Work Experience, and Opportunity Preferences are marked as Recommended. Recommended fields are used to match your Profile to opportunities. 

Profile Completion Status is summarized in the sidebar of the resume and the Resume Completion Status Panel on the homepage.