Step 1: Navigate  to My  Settings by clicking on the Profile Icon.

The Settings section is divided into two  pages: Manage Account and Site Preferences.

Step 2: Click on the Manage Account option.

From the Manage Account page, you can change your password, email address, manage your social media associations, and deactivate your account. Note that if you created your account via Social Media, you will not see any options for changing your password or email address. This is because your password and email address are determined by the social media account you attached to your account. Should you wish to change your password or email, you must do so on the social media provider’s website.

Step 3: Click on the Site Preferences menu option.

From this page, you can manage your affiliations, email preferences, site language selection, and view any message senders you may have blocked from the home page. The Affiliations preferences allow you to manage your affiliations. 

  • Status – The Status column allows you to accept or deny association with an organization.
  • Disclose Personal Info – Some organizations request your consent to disclose your personal information to them when you first sign up or sign in through their landing page. Your consent may be required in order to receive Targeted Messages or services from the organization.
  • Verified – Some organizations will conduct a review to verify that you belong to their organization.

The Email Preferences section allows you to select the frequency with which you will receive email notifications from the system. There are four possible frequency options, though not all emails type will offer all four frequencies:

  • None – You will not receive any emails of this type (i.e. unsubscribed). 
  • Immediate – You will receive 1 email every time the behaviour associated with the email type occurs. For example, if you receive 2 job invites in a day, you will also receive 2 emails, each notifying you about 1 job. 
  • Daily – You will receive 1 email per day containing all the activity that has occurred on that day. If there is no activity that day, you will not receive an email. 
  • Weekly – You will receive 1 email per week (on Monday) containing all the activity that has occurred on that week. If there is no activity during the week, you will not receive an email. 

The Language Preferences tab allows you to set which language you would prefer to see in your account. We currently offer English and French.

The Home Page Preferences section displays a list of all senders you have either blocked or hidden from your Home Page. 

Should you wish to start receiving messages from a sender again, simply click on the “X” button in the sender’s row. If the user was hidden, all messages that were previously hidden on the feed will now be visible, and any new messages will automatically be visible. If the user was blocked, new messages will be displayed and job invitations from the sender will be accepted. Any messages missed during the time they were blocked will not be displayed. If no senders have been blocked or hidden, the page will be empty.