Lumina Assessment | Onboarding

The first step in creating an online profile is referred to as “onboarding”. Here, you will be asked some basic demographic information and will be given the opportunity to take the Lumina Personality Profile Assessment. You will be unable to access some features of your account until you finish the onboarding process. This ensures that the minimum information needed (including their Personality Assessment) to create an online profile is gathered before you can start receiving job invitations and applying to jobs.

Onboarding steps:

Basic Profile Information:

First you will be asked to provide some information about yourself consisting of:

  • First Name (auto filled from the sign-up process)
  • Last Name (auto filled from the sign-up process)
  • Email (auto filled from the sign-up process)
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Province/State
  • City
  • Languages (in which they have a working level of proficiency)
  • Work Eligibility (countries in which they are eligible to work)

All the fields are required in order to continue. If you attempt to continue to the next step with any of the above information missing, an error message will appear under the topmost missing field; prompting you to complete it.

(For Hybrid accounts) Education and Work Experience:

To complete Onboarding, you only need to complete one or the other (Education or Work Experience). You will be able to add more Education and Work Experience records later, so you need to enter most recent or most relevant information for now.

Consent and Personality Assessment:

Step two of the onboarding process asks you to give consent to share your personal information with OTEC and your organization. This information is displayed in the Affiliate Dashboard that is viewed by your organization and OTEC. It includes your name, email, and “Fit Status” for each of the job families plus access to view your online profile.

At this point, you have two options: “No Thanks” or “Consent and Continue”:

No Thanks | Clicking “No Thanks” will send you to your home page, with a recurrent message in your Network Feed reminding you to complete your questionnaire. You can dismiss this pop up temporarily, but it will return after several minutes. During this stage, you will be unable to access any part of your account other than the Home Page, Resource Centre, Settings and Support, as they are still in “onboarding”. This helps ensure you complete your questionnaire.

Consent and Continue | Clicking “Consent and Continue” will automatically transfer you to the Lumina website, where you will be prompted to create a Lumina profile and begin your Personality Profile assessment questionnaire. Clicking this button enables you to become an Affiliate of your community and to OTEC. This action provides express consent by you to OTEC when viewing specified personal information including your Fit Status results.