Targeting Diverse Individuals in a Job Posting

Unique to Magnet, employers have the ability to target individuals who have declared a diversity status using the Diversity Filter. This option enables you to search for candidates who have self-identified a member of one or more of the following six specific diversity groups: Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ, Members of a “visible minority”, Persons with disabilities (including mental health and neurological issues/illnesses), women, and newcomers to Canada

The Diversity Filter can be applied to all posting types across Magnet. Before adding the filter employers are required to agree to term and conditions to ensure that they agree not to misuse this option. Employers can select from any of the above mentioned 6 diversity groups. You cannot search for those who selected “None or prefer to not declare”.

If you select Indigenous Peoples, you will be able to further specify the Indigenous group, the tribal council, treaty territory, and First Nation, though these selections are not required.

You can also define whether you would prefer a candidate to be part of a diversity group or require it. There are three requirement selections to choose from:

  • Should belong to any – the diversity groups selected are preferred, but not necessary. Job postings with Diversity groups specified with Should Have will be placed on the Job Board as well as send out invitations.
  • Must belong to any  – only Job Seekers who have declared as any one of the diversity groups selected will be invited to apply. For example, if the employer selected Women and LGBTQ*, the Job Seekers must have declared either one of those groups to be considered a match. The job posting is not placed on the job board.
  • Must belong to all – only Job Seekers who have declared as all of the selected diversity groups will be invited to apply. In the example above, only individuals who declared as both Women AND LGBTQ* will be considered a match. The job posting is not placed on the job board.

Once you save your selections, a Diversity Target Groups section will appear in the general edit mode of the posting. This section will only be visible to you, and not to any job seekers who view the posting once activated.

Copying a Diversity Posting

Should you attempt to copy a posting that contains a diversity filter, you will be presented with a condensed version of the legal agreement you previously agreed to, which you will have to agree to again. This is because the legal agreement only applies to each individual posting, and thus must be displayed for each new posting that contains diversity. If you do not agree to the terms here, you will be unable to copy the posting.

Reviewing Diverse Applicants

When viewing applicants in the View Applicants section of the site, Diversity candidates will appear with a DEC label next to their names. This label indicates that the applicant meets at least one of the diversity groups specified in the posting, and that they agreed to share that information. The specific group that the individual declared as will not be displayed. Other than the DEC label, diversity applicants are treated in the same manner that as other applicants in the system.