Setting Your Job Preferences

The Job Preferences section is divided into two parts: Job Preferences and Community Preferences. Note that you will only see the Community Preferences part if you joined the Magnet platform through one of our Partner’s landing pages. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Jobs app in your app drawer, then click on “Job Preferences” on the side menu bar

Job Preferences tell us what kinds of opportunities you would consider exploring, so that the matches you receive are both for jobs you are qualified for and interested in. 

Step 2: Select your Preferences for each field.

  • Job Level – Select the level of seniority you are looking for, from Entry level to Executive. 
  • Job Type – Select the job type(s) you prefer (ex. full time, part time, etc.). 
  • Field of Work – The department or industry you want to work in (ex. Finance and Corporate Development, Education, Clerical and Administrative, etc.).
  • Skilled Trades – If you are looking for work in a particular trade select the trades you would prefer.
  • Preferred Location – Enter the location(s) that you want to work in. Includes Country, Province/State and City. When City is selected, you can select the radius distance around the city you are willing to accept positions. The distance slider defaults to 15km of the city centre. Note that when you click “Add This Location” an entry will appear above the field. 

Step 3: (Optional) Select your Community Preferences.

If you joined the Magnet platform through one of our Partner organizations, you will see an additional section in the Job Preferences page, called Community Preferences. This section allows you to determine from which groups on Magnet you would like to receive job invitations.

You can choose to either receive invites from any Community you have joined, or only receive invites from specific Communities you have joined. 

Step 4: Click Save to save your changes.