Lumina Assessment | So, What Do All the Colors Mean?

Imaginative Yellow:

Job seekers whose primary color is yellow tend to be full of enthusiasm and optimistic energy. Similarly, they often enjoy conversations that are theoretical in nature and engage in abstract thinking, while also making connections to the wider world. These individuals find it second nature to socialize in large crowds and tend to be outgoing – even when put in uncomfortable settings where they are required to meet new people!

Key Traits: Sociable, Imaginative, Spontaneous

Down-to-Earth Blue:

If a job seeker scored blue as their primary color, these individuals tend to be more evidence-based and organized in nature. You may find that they are introverted in most settings and ensure to compose themselves eloquently by taking the time to respond before responding to others when necessary. Similarly, you may find that these individuals are very comfortable when working independently. You do not have to worry about these individuals working without constant supervision as they are more than capable to complete tasks and make decisions without needing others to assist them.

Key Traits: Observing, Evidence-Based, Reliable

Empathic Green:

Individuals who received a green Spark Portrait tend to be very in touch with their emotions and enjoy having deep and meaningful one-to-one conversations with others. Skilled in negotiating, these individuals handle conflict with a high level of diplomacy and tact. Active listening comes second nature to them, which is one of the reasons that makes them successful leaders and an asset to your organization.

Key Traits: Intimate, Collaborative and Empathetic

Results-Driven Red:

Regarded for their direct communication style, individuals whose color is primarily red are not afraid to voice their views and expert opinions when facing conflict. They tend to thrive in competitive environments and are not afraid to take initiative and provide direction to others when working in teams. Such job seekers are individuals who are known to persevere until they reach their desired goals; they do not give up easily! Their strong sense of perseverance and can-do attitude sets them up to succeed, no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

Key Traits: Purposeful, Competitive, Takes Charge

So, what color is preferred?

It is important to note that all colors are appreciated and can provide value to your organization in their own unique forms. The aim of the assessment is for job seekers to find roles that fit their personality traits, which will reduce employee turnover for employers and create quality job connections!