Lumina Assessment | Personality Assessment

Once consent is provided, you will be taken directly into the Lumina website, and prompted to confirm some additional information before starting your questionnaire:

  • Authorize Lumina Learning to access account.
  • Agree to General Privacy and Terms of Use
  • Create a Participant Profile with Contact Name
  • Gender (male, female, other, prefer not to say)
  • Participant Communication Preferences

Once these questions are answered, you will be brought into the Personality Profile Assessment Questionnaire to begin. You will be asked to choose the language you would like to have the questionnaire administered in.

If the language is changed from the default English (United Kingdom), a popup will appear indicating “Changing language will restart the questionnaire and all answers will be lost.  Do you want to restart?” Select “Restart”. This will allow the change of language for the assessment to take effect. Please note, instructions, popups and button labels will remain in English until a future release).

Lastly, you are shown some instructional text and a sample question before the questionnaire begins.