Lumina Assessment | Top Questions About the Lumina Assessment

1. What is unique about the Lumina Assessment tool and how is it different from others?

The Lumina assessment is a unique tool as it reveals your whole personality. Your results will help you understand your underlying persona; your instinctive way of being, along with your overextended persona; when you overplay your natural strengths, as well as your everyday persona; and how you behave in your daily life.

2. How is Magnet different from Workopolis or LinkedIn?

What distinguishes Magnet from other job sites is the way it matches user profiles with potential employers, the privacy it offers users, as well as the social inclusiveness it promotes. Magnet has a specific focus on job seekers whose career search is being supported by publicly funded employment services. With Magnet, employers can reach job seekers at postsecondary institutions and employment service providers connected to Magnet through one posting.  To support diverse hiring, Magnet also provides tools that employers can use to directly target job seekers who have self-identified as a member of an underrepresented group (women, visible minorities) through self-id and diversity hiring filters, which is at the core to Magnet’s mission.

3. Which languages is the assessment available in?

The assessment is available in 15 different languages! Languages include, but are not limited to, French, Arabic, English, and Portuguese.

4. Can a job-seeker choose a different language to complete the assessment if English is not their primary language? Will their site experience be in that other language as well?

You will have the option to choose an alternative language to complete the assessment from Lumina’s language options. The assessment will be generated in the language you chose. The rest of your site experience will still be in English or French.

5. How long does it take to complete the assessment?

It should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the assessment, including the time it takes to create an account and add your work and education experience. Should you need to leave the assessment, you can do so at any point. You can log back in and pick up the assessment where you left off when you are ready to do so.

6. How long does it take to receive the portrait in my account?

Your portrait will be available in your account approximately 15-30 minutes after you have completed the assessment. Depending on how many individuals are using the platform at once, users may have to wait up to 24 hours to receive their portrait. You will receive an email notification once your portrait has been generated and is ready to view.

7. How many employers are on Magnet?

Over 40,000 employers have registered for the Magnet platform and new employers join the Magnet network every day. We do not maintain or publish lists of these employers. To get a sense of the employers using the platform, you can create a job seeker account and search our job board.

8. Do the job invitations trigger email notifications or does the seeker need to regularly check the portal?

By default, the system will send the job seeker their job invites via email daily to the email address that the user has signed up with. If the Job Seeker changes their site settings in the “My Settings” section to receive “None”, then the user would need to log in to see their job invitations.

9. What browser do I need?

Magnet’s platform optimally works with Google Chrome. However, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft Edge will also work.