Complete Your Onboarding

After activating your account, you will be automatically logged in. You will land on the first page of Onboarding—a step-by-step process to help you begin setting up your Magnet Profile.

The Magnet system matches jobs and job seekers based on their educational and/or work experience qualifications. The Onboarding process will assist you in filling out some of those fields so that you can begin receiving job matches.

Please note that the onboarding process will differ depending on what community you join.

Step 1: Welcome to Magnet and Introduction to Onboarding

On first logging in to your account, you will see a Welcome page that briefly introduces the Magnet platform.  If you were directed to use Magnet by one of our Community Partners, you may see a custom welcome screen designed by the Partner instead. The next page briefly describes the onboarding process that will follow.  Click on Next to start building your Magnet Profile.

Step 2: Consent

Some of Magnet’s Community Partners required that their Job Seekers to share their Profile information and Magnet activity with them in order to participate in their programs. In this case, you may see a Consent pop up before you reach your account’s home page, asking you to give consent to share your information with the Partner.

By giving consent, you will be considered an Affiliate of the Community, and will be eligible to receive job postings and content exclusive to that Community, and the Partner will be able to see your Magnet Profile and other account activity. If you do not consent to share your information, the Partner will not be able to see you or your activity, but you will also not have access to the Community’s content and special features.

Step 3: Select a method for building your Profile.

The second step of Onboarding asks you to choose a method for building your Magnet Profile. You can either upload a PDF or Word document to automatically fill in some fields in your profile, or fill in everything manually.

If you choose to use a PDF or Word resume, please make sure to check the information filled in for accuracy as you go through the onboarding process and later when you have access to your full Profile.

Step 4: Complete Education or Work Experience

The main criteria the Magnet system uses to match you to job postings is your Education and Work Experience. To complete Onboarding, you only need to complete one or the other. You will be able to add more Education and Work Experience records later, so enter your most recent or most relevant information for now.

Note that if you uploaded a Resume in the previous step, some of the information may already be filled in for you. Make sure to carefully review this information for accuracy.

Step 5: Set Job and Community Preferences

Next, you will be asked to tell us about the kinds of positions you are interested in. The system uses this information to match you to positions that you are not only qualified for, but that also align with your career goals.

Note that none of the fields are required, and by leaving a field blank, you are essentially stating that you are open to receive any type of invitation. For example, if you leave the Employment Level field blank, you will be invited to apply to positions that match your qualifications at any employment level. If you select one or more employment levels, the system will filter out postings that don’t meet your chosen criteria.

The more detail you provide in this section, the more relevant the matches you’ll receive.

If you joined Magnet through one of our Community Partners, you will see an additional section on this page called “Community Preferences”. Here, you will be able to specify from which community you would like to receive invitations. By default, your Profile will be set to be matched to opportunities from any community on Magnet, but you can choose to only receive invites from the community you joined.

By default, both of these sections still be set to “Private”, meaning that only you will see the information provided here on your Profile. Should you wish to make this information visible to employers when you apply to postings on Magnet, simply change the Visibility radio buttons to “Visible to Employers”.

Step 6: Next Steps

The final onboarding page presents you with a brief introduction to some of Magnet’s features. To explore all that Magnet has to offer, simply click “Next” to complete the Onboarding process. You will then be redirected to your Home Page, where you can begin using all the features of your Magnet account.