Lumina Assessment | Introduction to ALiGN

The ALiGN Network is a functionality housed in Magnet in partnership with OTEC (Ontario Tourism Education Corporation) and Lumina Learning to leverage the most sophisticated psychometric assessment and matching methodology available.

Purpose: Matching individuals to jobs by utilizing a talent-to-role-fit assessment that identifies natural, job-fit characteristics for job seekers.

Users submit a Lumina personality assessment:

  • Available in over 16 languages!
  • The results of the assessment will transmit as a “Fit Score”.
  • This “Fit Score” becomes the standards to which candidates are assessed and matched.

There are 43 benchmarked positions in which users can be matched to including (but not limited to):

  • Professional Services roles
  • Healthcare roles
  • Industrial, Technical and Manual Labour roles
  • Retail and Hospitality roles