Lumina Assessment | Communications

All of your job invitations are viewable in the “Communications” section. Communications is modelled after an email inbox, with different folders to help you organize your job invitations:

  • Job Invitations – all the postings to which you have been invited to apply.
  • My Applications – postings that you have applied to.
  • Archive – postings you have manually moved into the Archive folder.

You can delete postings contained in the “Job Invitations” folder, but you cannot delete postings once you have applied to them. This is where the Archive folder becomes useful, as it allows you to move postings that you are no longer actively engaging with in your “My Applications” folder.

You can apply to postings by clicking on a posting in the Job Invitations folder and clicking the “Apply” button. You can also withdraw your applications by clicking “Withdraw” while viewing a posting in the Applications folder.