My Communities

In My Communities, you can select organizations that you want to receive content from. This information will help you access talent, markets, and capital. You’ll learn about events, funding opportunities, and best practices to help you grow your business. When you elect to receive content, you may be required to answer additional questions.

Your Community Messages section stores all of the messages you have ever received from Magnet and our other Partners on the system whom you are affiliated with. In this section, you can view, sort, and favourite your messages.

All new messages you received but have not yet viewed will be marked in bold, and will appear on the top of your list of messages. Once you have viewed a message, it will no longer be bolded.

You can favourite messages you want to remember and find quickly by simply clicking on the Star icon located to the left of the message’s name. To find your starred messages quickly, you can use the View menu (indicated by the eye icon) to choose to view only those messages you have favourited.

You can also use the column headings and the search bar to sort your messages to help you find the information you need quickly. In addition, by clicking the “Show Advanced Search Options” you will be presented with more search options to help you narrow down your messages to those that contain information most needed at the time.

You may also choose to hide messages, block senders, or report senders in order to organize and manage your messages to ensure you are only seeing information that is valuable to you and your organization’s needs.