Home Page Overview

My Messages (The Network Feed)

The Network Feed contains a reverse chronological (newest at the top) list of notifications tailored to your account according to the information provided in your Organization Profile, including community messages and event notifications; New Feature updates; Magnet Network updates; and Account notifications.

Recruiting Activity Panel

In the top left corner of the Home Page will see the Recruiting Activity Panel, which shows a breakdown of activity relating to your postings, such as number of invites sent and number of applicants. 

Organization Profile Completion Status Panel

Beneath the Recruiting Activity Panel is the Organization Profile Completion Status Panel. This panel lists each field in the Organization Profile that you have yet to fill out. While the fields listed here are optional, the more information you provide, the better your profile will look to Job Seekers, and the more relevant information you’ll receive from our Partners. This panel is only visible to the Owner (the user who created the account) and any Admins designated by the owner, and will disappear once all the listed fields have been filled in.