Job Bookmarks

Step 1: Navigate to the Job Bookmarks.

The Job Bookmarks section allows you to record information about job postings that you’re interested in applying to in the future, or postings you have already applied to that you want to keep track of.

You can add bookmarks to your list in one of two ways: manually, or by browsing Job Search.

Step 2: Create a new bookmark.

To manually create a job bookmark, simply click on the “+Create Bookmark” button. You’ll be presented with the bookmark creation form. In order to create a bookmark, you must fill in the following fields:

  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Link

Optionally, you can also include the following information about the posting:

  • Application Deadline
  • Position Type
  • Location
  • Job Description
  • Notes

You can use the Notes section to record any additional information about the posting that would be useful to you, such as salary information, job hours, or interview details.

Step 3: Bookmark a posting found through Magnet’s Job Search.

You can bookmark any posting found through Magnet’s Job Search on any Job Site, including Indeed and Canada Job Bank. To bookmark a posting, simply click on the star icon. You will be presented with the bookmark creation form, however in this case some of the posting information will be automatically populated.

The data that is populated will depend on the Job Site and the posting itself. You can edit most of the information pulled in, except for the Job Title, Company Name, and Link.

Once you click the save button, the bookmark will be recorded, and you can review it in the Job Bookmarks section.

Step 4: Edit a previously saved bookmark.

You can edit any bookmark you previously saved, regardless of the method of creation. To edit a bookmark, click on the bookmark’s row. You’ll be taken into the bookmark’s individual page. Click on the edit button (pencil icon) to open the edit form. You can edit any of the information at any time.

Step 5: Delete a bookmark you no longer need.

If you no longer need to keep a bookmark, you can delete them at any time. Bookmarks will not be removed from your list until you choose to delete them.

You can delete an unwanted bookmark from two locations: on the bookmark list, and from inside an individual bookmark page. Simply click on the trash can icon, and click “Delete” on the confirmation pop up. The bookmark will be permanently removed from your list.