Affiliations Guide for Employers and Recruiters

What are “Affiliations”?

Affiliations refer to the ability for individuals and employers to become associated with a Magnet Partner (referred to as “Affiliates”).

A partner’s affiliates can receive targeted content that the partner intends to share only with people who are known to or associated with the organization. “Targeted content” may include Community Messages, Event Notifications, and Job Postings.

How do employers/recruiters become affiliated?

Employer and recruiter accounts automatically become affiliates of a partner by signing up or logging in through the partner’s landing page. Employers and recruiters can manage their affiliations through the My Communities page (found by expanding the left menu). You can also become affiliated to other Magnet partners without having to login through their page.

Becoming an affiliate of partner enables you to receive Community Messages from that partner. Utilizing Magnet’s Recruiting functionality will allow you to target postings specifically to a partner’s community of job seekers, if available.

Those within an employer/recruiter account each have unique affiliation settings. One member can be affiliated with a partner, while another can choose not to be.