The Individual’s Magnet Account

Once you have completed the onboarding process, you can freely access the other features of your Magnet Account consisting of: Home Page

Home Navigation Bar | This column is the Notification section, which displays a count of new invitations and/or messages contained within your Communications section on the navigation bar. Directly beneath the Notifications section is the “Profile Completion Panel”, which informs you if there are any Required or Recommended Fields remaining to complete in your profile. This section will only be visible if there are incomplete Recommended Fields. If you have fully filled out your Profile, this panel will disappear.

Middle Column | Here, you will find “My messages and Invites”, which contains job invitations, community messages, and other notifications about activity in your account.

Right Column | Lastly, you will find Magnet’s Twitter feed for information and news about Magnet.

Some fields throughout the Profile are labelled as Required or Recommended. You will have filled out all required fields through onboarding. These must be completed for you to access your account and receive job matches. Recommended fields enhance your Profile and make the profiles more appealing to employers, but you can choose not to complete them. It is highly recommended that you complete the “Profession or Occupation” and “Profile Statement” fields for a stronger Profile.

The following fields are available in your Profile which can be found under “My Profile” on the Navigation Bar.

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Skills and Qualities