Lumina Assessment | Activating Your Posting

Once you have completed all the required fields in the posting form and have finished adding filters (optional), you can activate your posting.

By clicking “Activate” on the top of the page will transition the posting from the “unposted” status to “pending” status to be reviewed by our Support Team.

Unposted Status – are in the process of being edited. Postings can be activated once the minimum requirements of the posting have been met. Unposted postings can also be copied, deleted or archived.

Pending Status – posting has been activated by the user but are awaiting review by a WhoPlusYou system administrator. This review is conducted to ensure that posting standards are met and that the postings do not contain errors or objectionable material. Support can approve the posting or return the posting to your Unposted folder. If the posting is rejected, you will be notified, via email, indicating why the posting was rejected and how to address the issue. The review process typically takes 1-2 hours, although it may be longer depending on the volume of postings on any given day.

Active Status – postings have been reviewed and approved, and invitations to qualified individuals have been sent. Active postings cannot be edited; however, you can make a copy of a posting, change the ending date or suspend the posting.

Expired Status – postings were purposefully taken down before their expiry date by the user. Postings cannot be edited in this state. However, you can copy, reactivate, archive and view applicants of suspended postings.

Archive Status – users can archive any posting that is not currently in the Pending or Active state. Archiving a posting is a way of labelling postings are complete or no longer in use. Archived postings can be copied, or restored, which will return the posting to its  previous state.