Build Your Organizational Profile

We encourage you to optimize your employer profile with as much detail as possible. The more information you provide the better you will be matched to the right talent and content.  

STEP 1: Complete Organizational Profile

Navigate to the Employer Profile by clicking on the item in the App Drawer. You will be brought to a page showing the information entered during onboarding, with edit buttons next to each section. Fill in as many fields of the Employer Profile as you can in order to provide a comprehensive overview of your organization to prospective applicants. While the Organization Profile page is visible to all users of an Employer account, only the Owner and Admins (but not Limited Admins) can edit this page.

STEP 2: Click on the edit button in the first section: The Basic Profile Information.

Note that most of this information was gathered during onboarding. The Organization Logo will be the only empty field.

STEP 3: Add a company logo to your Employer Profile.

Click on the file button, select an image from your computer’s file uploader screen, then save the page. For best results, we advise using a smaller, square shaped logo, as this logo will be displayed in Job Seeker’s Network Feeds when they receive invitations to apply to your job postings

STEP 4: Click on the Edit button for the second section of the Profile, the Extended Profile.

Some of the fields will already be filled in from the second part of Onboarding. Here you can optionally fill in the Description, Industry and Markets Served, and Founding Year for your organization. Note that if you selected “Bilingual” in the Supported Languages field, you will be required to provide both English and French text for the Organization Description in order to save this page.