Diversity Self Declaration

The Self Declaration section of your account allows you to identify yourself as being a member of a Diversity group. 

To set your Self Declaration, click on your Profile Icon and select “My Profile”. Choose “Self Declaration” from the left-hand menu. 

Once on the page, select the groups you identify with from the drop-down list. If you do not identify with any of the listed groups, or you do not want to self-declare your eligibility under any of the listed groups, please select “None or prefer to not declare”.

Information about self-declared status is used by some employers to reach out specifically to potential candidates in disadvantaged groups. Employers will search for self-declared candidates in order to promote diversity within their organizations: they do that because it creates a more innovative and inclusive workplace, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for all involved.

Opportunities for candidates who have self-declared are marked as “Diversity Target Posting”.

Your self-declarations will be visible only when you apply for positions that request applicants from a Diversity Target Group that you identify with (and in each case you will be asked for your consent to disclose). Your self-declarations will not be disclosed to employers when you are applying to jobs that are not marked as Diversity Target Postings. Your self-declarations will be stored only in your account and will not appear on your profile.

After making a selection from the drop-down list, you must click “Save” in order for your selections to be retained.