Lumina Assessment | Affiliations

The Affiliations section gives you the ability to manage your affiliation status with organizations through whose landing page you have signed up (created your account) or logged in.

Once you create your account, click “Consent and Continue” in your onboarding process, you will automatically have your status and disclosure for OTEC and the ALiGN Network partner whose landing page you signed up through set to “ON”.

Should you subsequently log in through another ALiGN Network landing page, you will be automatically redirected to your Affiliations section. You will be asked to give consent to disclose your personal information to the organization(s) associated with the landing page you used to sign into your account.

If you do not give consent, then you do not become an affiliate of the organizations associated with that landing page.

You can withdraw your consent to disclosure of information at any time after completing onboarding.